'In The Front' Out Now

1st single from forth coming project 'MotorCycle Music Vol.1' released.

What's Good!

It's with excitement that I am happy to announce that my new single 'In The Front' is available on all streaming platforms. So I want to ask that you check it out. This project is all about the motorcycle experience and I believe this is the best single to kick things off the upcoming project.

The track to the song rumbles along similar to the roar you hear from a motorcycle engine..Then the music takes you on a journey to the open road. Which is a distant place that's not far at all ,and call's us 1 by 1 at different times.

If you have followed me then you know I have recently relocated to Atlanta,Ga, so this song kind of speaks on this journey to this cool new place.Motorcycle culture here is much different than it is back home (Houston). The hills and valleys give motorcycle horse power ability a showcase platform to shine on.

Due to this the motorcycle culture is deep and rich here. Along with the movie and music industry, exist this sub culture of bikers who have been here before all this show business stuff came to town. Their are pictures of father, son and grandson next to motorcycles to commemorate this endearing legacy.

Some people are raised on riding on 2 wheels. Here in Atlanta it's more than a simple "love" of riding that people have here. What people have here is deeply woven into the culture. The love of the open road is not unusual here. People embrace it in all kinds of ways.

This song pays tribute to the ever living, growing and evolving culture that is BIke Life ATL.

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