The Worst Advice I Ever Got…

I’ve been given alot of bad advice in my life. I’m sure you have too.I thought I would write what was the absolute worst advice I’ve ever received in my music career. But before that, let me take you back to my earliest memory of the worst advice I’ve ever received.

When I was small, not more than 5 years old. My big sister and my older cousin called me to the kitchen and asked me to turn on the dishwasher for them. Of course I turned the dishwasher on, but what I didn’t know was they had over filled the soap container inside the dishwasher so when I turned it on, soap rushed out and leaked all over the kitchen floor. Within minutes at least a inch of soap and water covered the kitchen floor and was slowly making it’s way to the brown carpet in the living room.

Once my dad saw that I was turning the kitchen into a swimming pool, his face instantly turned 3 shades of red…He was beyond pissed. He was hot and it showed on his face. Once we finally got the dish washer to stop pumping out jugs of water. My dad quickly snatched me up, and what followed was a ass whooping that James Evans from the TV show ‘Good Times’ would be proud of.

Later that night as I lay in the room still sore from the whooping, my fun loving sister and big cousin passed by and shared in a great laugh. Why is this story important? Because this was clearly the worst advice I ever received growing up. Which leads to the worst advice I ever receivedĀ  about breaking through in music business.

A while back while talking to a artist friend of mine he told me, ” In order to win in the music business. You have to have a team.”

On the surface level this makes since. As a working recording artist their is alot that needs to be done to get your music career going. You need studios to record in, platforms to perform on, music videos to be shot and edited, and a whole list of responsibilities for a number of other things.

What made this piece of advice so foul is, if a person doesn’t have a team in place (like most music artist), they would probably not even try to get their talent out their because they feelĀ  their is no way to break through.

I wonder how many artist this world has never heard of because someone gave them this piece of advice. For that fact I wonder how many people have never ventured off into the things they like to do because of this. In many ways that’s what being a Desprado is all about. It’s about bucking conventional thinking if what you feel inside is true to you.

In my crew the Despradoz, not everyone sings or raps. Some members are everyday people, but what the things they do in their chosen profession are extra ordinary.We don’t follow the status quo, unless the status quo agrees with what we are doing. We don’t fit in…We stand out.

So the worst advice I have EVER received in the music business is: YOU NEED A TEAM. What’s the worst advice you have ever received?

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