What’s good y’all. The new single, ‘In The Front’ is just about ready. I know you want that new fire and it’s almost here. As many of you know, I dipped off for a second to act in a couple movies and TV shows.

The experience of being in the movies and TV Shows has only helped my writing and has taught me a lot about body posture in front of the camera. So you should see some growth in my upcoming music videos.

Movie sets are real dope. It’s cool to see how they create sets. I mean they got sets that look like different countries. Sets that look like outer space. Sets that look like beaches. You name it, and they got a set for it. Plus the  food catering is really good.

Working this movie industry in Atlanta is a different way of networking. It was recommended I do a little acting, to spread my face on camera. In the past month I have played a solider, a husband with a crazy wife and I even played a role as myself (a rapper).

Little as it’s known, I started out as a child actor. I did stage plays back then. Then, my writing grew and became poetry. Then the poetry grew into songs. So anyway the good news is the new single is on deck.

Thanks to the 20 folks who joined my email list. Because of you this is why this new single is coming out.  Add me to your Spotify, Pandora Radio or Apple Music account. That way when the ‘In The Front’drops you will be the 1st one to know.

PS: Don’t forget to tune into Juicy Hip Hop All Access. I host the show,it comes on every week. And check out my candy company LiquorLollipops.com, for a candy experience that is out of this WORLD!


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