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If you haven’t already done so add my new single ‘Real G’z’ ft. K Rino and Sasaraman on Pandora Radio. I really like the way the single sounds on their platform. The clarity of the sound is dope. With all the different flavor coming on the track, you will have to replay it a few times.


Pandora Link: http://pdora.co/2x8otrx


With the release of the 1st single. I created the email challenge. Basically, once I received 20 new email sign ups to my newsletter. I would drop the 2nd single called, ‘In The Front’. This song takes on a  different groove. It’s like a anthem song. You will really be able to tell as soon as you hear the instrumentation in the intro. Thanks to all those who have signed up, and share with a friend so they can know about this project too.

On this project, ‘MotorCycle Music’ I’m looking to show growth and some maturity as a artist. I’m so use to writing a one verse for a song. That’s because of all the time I spent in a  group, but now I’m crafting whole songs. I’m keeping it genuine and pure, something folks that’s been following me understand. And for the new people who are just now being introduced to me, you’ll come to know.





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