I’m so happy Hurricane Harvey has lighten up on my folks in Houston. After 50 inches of rain, it was good to see neighbor helping neighbor. Whites helping Blacks, Mexicans helping Asians. It was a good look watching the city come together.

I was really concerned for a minute. My mom house was flooded with knee deep water and a lot of my people had to deal with lights going off and on. It’s all good now and everyone I talked to was in good spirits.

Their are a few good charities to donate too to help. But beware of some of the phony ones out looking to take advantage of the situation. Even tho, the hardest part of the storm is over, it’s still going to be a massive job cleaning up.

If you can do something then do it. If you can’t donate money. Donate your time. Help your neighbor up the street get that wet carpet out. Bring a family in your community a bag of groceries if you know they could use it. If your the family up the street car has water damage, give them a ride.

This is a great time to stand up. If you see something and you can help then do it. My latest single, ‘Real G’z’ is all about times like this. Times when the real stand up. Their are only 2 kind of people in this world. The people who lift and the people who lean.

Which one are you?


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