What’s Good!

Right now as you are reading this, we are getting closer to the 2nd single from the album ‘Motor Cycle Music’ dropping. After releasing the 1st single and starting a email sign up challenge, I have seen my email subscribers pickup. Slowly, but surely, one after another. People are showing support for the project by joining the email list.

If you have already signed up, thank you for your support. If you haven’t joined my email list, now is the time. The challenge I posed was, “If you like the 1st single, join my email list. Once I get 20 new email subscribers, I will drop the 2nd single.”

Since that time 15 new subscribers have signed up. That only leaves 5 more. I got 2 shows coming up in Atlanta in September and I hope before then, the 2nd single will be out. Again thanks for reading. Thanks for supporting and follow your heart…It’ll never lead you wrong.

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