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I’m extremely happy to announce the release of the first single, ‘Real G’z’ featuring Sasaraman & K Rino , from the forth coming album ‘Motor Cycle Music’,is now available for download or stream everywhere good music is serviced. With the release of this song, I’m starting a email challenge. Once I get 20 new email sign ups, I will release the 2nd single. So sign up and ¬†share the page , so all your friends can know to signup too.

‘Real G’z’ is raw and showcases rare lyrical ability from everyone on the track.The song talks about a subject we know all to well…Haters. The story is told in a different way tho. The track is banging, which helps to set the sound landscape to this insta-classic. This is the perfect first single from ‘Motor Cycle Music’ because it embodies what this project is all about.

Check it out below.


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