In my career, I have written over 2,000 songs. I have recorded 500 + songs ( Most of which have been lost to corrupt hard drives),  I have released 70 mixtape songs and 1 full length album (RIZE).

I can’t explain how pissed off I am that so many great songs have been lost to shitty hard drives. What’s even more trippy is, all the great music that my supporters like you have never gotten a chance to hear.

As you know, the fam and I have uprooted and moved out to Atlanta. During the move from Houston to here, I promised myself to release more music.


Which brings me to here and now. I’m currently in the studio working on a concept music project. As I’m putting this together, I’m thinking about how you will react once you hear it. This project is an extension of RIZE.

It combines all the elements from that album with the strange, wonderful, crazy experiences I have had since the move. The music now is more soulful and ambitious. Leaving my hometown to come to a new city where I barely know anyone has really tested me.

When you listen to my music, I’m sure you hear a lot of things. Energetic, Fun and Passionate is the way  most listeners and DJs describe me. That’s cool.

But there is one other thing that most casual listeners may miss when listening to my music and that is , Faith.

In my new music that Faith is more out front. Not in the way a preacher would do but, more in a way a motivator would do. That little voice in my head that keeps telling me, ‘You WILL do this!’, well I took that voice and sprinkled it all across this new forth coming project.

In past radio interviews, I have talked about how my music isn’t for everyone. What I was really trying to say is, my music is for the have nots.  Not the spoiled rich kids. I represent for people who came from the bottom and had to figure out and work for the things they wanted. My music represents for the folks, people have written off.

Their is no short cut to success. The people I speak for, know this well. The people I speak for are not all the same race, religion or gender. Hell, a lot my supporters don’t even live in the United States.

My purpose on this upcoming project is to give you strength, swagger and courage in your journey through life. So that you may become, all that you were meant to be.

You won’t hear any songs on my up-coming project talking bout growing up with a silver spoon in my mouth. You also won’t hear songs about me blaming the system, the haters or anyone else.

What you will hear is, I believe that no weapon formed against you can stop you. That you were put here to do great things, and even though you come from the bottom…You are destined to be on top!

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