What’s good y’all. Just want to put you up on my candy company LiquorLollipops.com. We specialize in Liquor flavored Lollipops (Duh). We offer great flavors like Coconut Rum, Apple Canadian Whiskey, Golden Tequila and Georgia Peach Vodka just to name a few.

We make them in a few fun shapes like the ¬†original, the Big Mother Sucker and the much talked about CockSucker. So I’m sure we have a fun size lollipop to fit your events.

Currently I been out here in Atlanta getting the candy known. I’ve gotten really good feedback. My current clients have purchased Lollipops for gift baskets, baby showers, wedding showers, birthday gifts, Valentine’s day and more.

Check out the website, and pickup some for your next event. Or come out to anyone of my concerts and pick up some.


21 & Up To Suck!


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